1. Start the Process.

2. Select Prof Svcs Schedule of Values (SOVP) from the list.  Complete the form as listed below.

3. Select your “Commitment” from the drop-down and wait for e-Builder to refresh.

4. Select Reason Code: SOV (No Allowance)

Completing the Schedule of Value Template

4. Click on the link “Download Schedule of Values Template”

5. An Excel file is downloaded to your computer, open it.

6. In Column C, enter the line description.

7. In Column E, enter the amount of that line; for example, 2,000.  The total sum of all your line items must be equal to the amount shown in row 1 Column D.

8. In Column A, copy the contents from row 1 and paste them for all the rows in your SoV.

9. Leave all other columns as is.

10. Save your file to a location you can remember.  If you get a “Microsoft Excel – Compatibility Checker” window, click Continue.

Importing the Schedule of Value Template

11. Click “Import Schedule of Values”.  See screenshot on step 6 above.

12. A new window will open, select the Excel file with your SoV entries, and click “Next”.

13. Make sure the lines and corresponding amounts are shown in the “Import Preview” before importing.

14. Click “Import”.

15. Review your entries and click Submit.