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New Project Request
Public form hosted on the Facilities website for Unit employees to submit new project requests for evaluation.  
Project Creation
eB Admin
Used to notify lead PMs of project creation and forward project request form.
MOU Creation and Approval
Project Manager
Create MOU and send it for review and approval. Updates planned budget.    
Budget Approval
Project Manager
Used to establish the original budget, and subsequent budget changes (including net zero transfers and budget infusions).
Interior Design Request
Project Manager
Used to request for interior design assistance.
Signage and Graphics Request
Project Manager
Request for signage and graphics assistance.      
Prof Svcs Fee Proposal Request
Project Manager
Submit a task order to the contracts department in order to acquire a fee proposal from an A/E.
Prof Svcs Contract Approval
Contract Specialist
Approval of Professional Services (ONLY) contracts after bidding/award.      
Prof Svcs Change Order
Project Manager or A/E
Used to create a FCO Letter and Change Order for approval to modify the contract value and/or time. For professional services contract type ONLY.
Prof Svcs Invoices
Project Manager or A/E
Use to submit Professional Services Invoices.
Permit Application – Project Permit
Project Manager
Used to start the review process for a project permit.  Reviewed by Building Code Services staff.
Permit Application – Land Disturbance Permit
Project Manager
Used to start the review process for a land disturbance permit.  Required for projects exceeding 2,500 square feet of disturbance area on Mason's property.  Reviewed by the Land Development staff.
Construction Invitation for Bid Request
Project Manager
Available after budget is approved.  Used to initiate bidding for construction contracts.
Construction Contract Approval
Contract Specialist
Approval of construction (ONLY) contracts after bidding/award.              
Construction Schedule of Values
General Contractor or Project Manager
Used to split the contract into detailed line items for the Schedule of Values and subsequent Pay Applications.  This process is only used ONCE per contract after award.
Construction - FCO
Project Manager or General Contractor
Pricing and approval of issues that may result in a cost impact to the project. Covers construction contracts ONLY.
Construction Change Order
Project Manager or General Contractor
Bundles one or several FCOs and generates a Change Order for approval to modify the contract value and/or time. An FCO must be submitted before starting the Construction Change Order.
Inspectors - Environmental Compliance Report
Land Development Staff
For inspectors to create environmental compliance report.
Inspectors - Inspection Report
Inspectors or General Contractor
Used to create project inspection reports or by GCs to request inspections.
Inspectors - Weekly Report
Use to create a weekly inspection report.
Project Closeout
Project Manager
Used to finalize and close out the project. Checks for submission of space database drawings, permit close-out, archives deliverables complete, and Leading 9 fund closed out (if needed).
Archives Deliverables
Automatically started when the original budget is approved
Used to track project deliverables being sent to Archives.
Permit Close-Out
Automatically started when a Final Inspection Report is submitted
Used to request project permit close-out.
Project Status Report

Create report on current status of project.  Incorporates schedule and budget data.
Non-Prof Svcs Contract Approval

Approval of Non-Professional Services (ONLY) contracts after bidding/award.