• On the e-Builder Home Page, click in the search bar near the top right corner of the window and type the name of the project. 
  • Click the project name from the menu.
  • Once you are in the project, select Processes from the left hand navigation.
  • Click Start Process in the top right corner of the window.
  • Select Construction Pay Application (CO12) from the list.
  • Complete the form as listed below.
    • Read and agree to the stated conditions.
    • Attach an updated schedule document in the indicated field
    • Indicate whether or not this is the final invoice.
    • Attach any relevant documents.

Commitment Invoice Details Section

  • Select your Commitment from the drop-down and wait for e-Builder to refresh as it will populate with your Schedule of Values.
  • Leave the Due Date blank as it’s not related to payment due date.  

Commitment Invoice Custom Fields

  • Complete the Billing Period Start and End dates.
  • Enter the number of your Invoice (i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc.) in the field “Vendor Invoice Number”.
  • Enter the date of your invoice in the field “Vendor Invoice Date”.

Invoice Items

  • Complete the field This Period (Column E) which is the invoice amount for each line during this period.
  • Review your entries and click Submit.