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Step 1: Unbox New Monitor  

  • Open monitor box by laying it flat on a table.
  • Remove the base and stand.  Leave the monitor inside the box.

Step 2: Setup Monitor

  • Connect base to the stand by sliding the stand into the base. Tighten the screw located at the base.

  • Connect power cord, DisplayPort and USB Fast cords to the ports at the back of the monitor.
  • Connect stand to monitor by sliding the stand into the back of the monitor. You may want to thread the cables through the hold in the stand in order to keep the cables together.

Step 4: Connect Monitor to Laptop

IF YOU HAVE A DOCK, STOP HERE AND GO TO Setting Up Your Dock at Home.

  • Turn on Laptop and plug in power supply to the port on the left side of the laptop.

  • Connect USB-C Mobile Adapter (Dongle) to USB-C port on the right side of the laptop
  • Connect the DisplayPort and the USB Fast cables to USB-C Mobile Adapter (Dongle).

Step 5: Configure Monitor

Plug in the monitor and turn it on.  The power button is located at the bottom right of the monitor. 

  • On the monitor, select language: English.

Step 6: Configure Windows

Once the laptop and monitor are connected.  press and hold the Windows button and the F8 button on the laptop keyboard.  A separate screen on the right will appear, click Extend Screen. This will stretch your desktop across both your laptop and 2nd monitor. 

  • Congratulations!  You now have your workstation setup.  It should look similar to the picture below.

For any questions, please email