XPS user will complain about keys pressing, keyboard acting crazy, the "Z" key keeps pressing.

This is caused by the processor/heat-sink expanding and causing a bulge in the WASDXZEQ keys area or the keyboard area.  This prevents the case from closing completely, so the keys start pressing and generally stars with the Z key. As the processor/heat-sink heat up the actions will become more pronounced.  Also, once this occurs the heat wrapping will occur more frequently as the heat-sink wraps more easily.

Best Temp Fix

Open XPS; this will cause the keys to stop depressing and help with the temperature of the device.

Fix 2
Put a piece of paper or something larger under the left front corner preventing the Z key from depressing. As the unit heats up, this will not be enough to prevent the keys hitting the screen.


Put in a new ticket for this person with XPS Bulge Warranty Repair and assign the Chris Freas.