Note: If you would like to use the "Stamp" tool in Adobe Acrobat DC, there is already an article on how to do that: Click here to learn how to Stamp your PDF with the built-in stamp tool.


Adobe Acrobat DC is a powerful tool that can be used to audit, modify, and combine PDF files. To utilize these tools, you will first need to have access to Adobe Acrobat DC, NOT Adobe Reader, which is only meant for viewing PDFs.  

How to Print-to-PDF from Outlook and Google Chrome

From the Outlook application, find the particular e-mail you would like to print. Once you have it open, you can press the "Ctrl" key + the "P" key on your keyboard to print. It will bring up a menu like this:


Select where you would like to save it, and hit save.

Saving a PDF from Google Chrome is similar. You can do this for any webpage in Google Chrome. Again press the "Ctrl" key + the "P" key on your keyboard to print.

How to add a text box for Rubber Stamps Date/Time

Adding stamps and editing invoices, documents, and PDFs is easy within Adobe Acrobat DC. On the right side of the application, there is a number of tools you can utilize. The first is the text box, similar to the text box tool in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. After creating a text box, you can resize the text, bold it, and move it around as you please within Acrobat. 

Select "Edit PDF" here after opening the file you wish to modify: 

Utilize these tools and options below as shown in the picture:

How to combine PDFs with relevant files

Combining PDFs involves selecting the files you want and organizing them into one singular file. To start, go under the "Tools" tab in Adobe Acrobat DC, then select "Combine Files" on the right. 


After you select Combine Files, click the blue "Add Files" button. 

Once you are done adding your files, arrange them however you would like. You can add PDFs that you made in our earlier steps within Outlook like e-mails and/or chrome pages. After you've arranged it to your liking, select "Combine" and your new PDF will open up. Make sure you save it by selecting the Save Disk icon in the top left of Adobe Acrobat.