Cost TypeDescription of Acceptable Expenses against budget category:
1Acquisition CostCost to acquire building or land, appraisal, land survey, title insurance and settlement services, environmental studies, building inspection, DRES services, OAG services, any other acquisition related services.  
2Building and Built in EquipmentSubstructure, Shell, Interiors, Services, Equipment and Furnishings, Special Construction and Demolition, General Conditions, Overhead and Profit for Contractor or Construction Manager.
3Sitework & Utility ConstructionAll related sitework and utility work including relocations
4Construction Cost TotalTotal = lines 1-3 above

7A/E Basic ServicesAs Described in DGS-30-018, CO3a Terms and Conditions of A/E contract Section 42 - Project Initiation, Schematic Design Phase, Preliminary Design Phase, Working Drawings (Construction Documents) Phase, Basic Interior Design Services (furniture Layout and Finish Material Selection and Specification), Bidding Phase, Construction Phase Services including Consultations, Interpretations and Clarifications, Field Change Orders, Shop Drawings, Equals, Structural and Special Inspections, Disputes between Agency and Contractor.  Following CA services will also be basic services unless specifically deleted - Visits to site and observation of construction, Inspections of work in progress by the A/E, Supplemental tests adn inspections, defective work, review of contractor applications for payment, substantial completion inspection, final completion inspection, constractors completion Documents, and Project Closeout.
8A/E Additional ServicesWork not described as basic services, changes in scope of work after approval, application of federal grant, preparation of EIR, Geotechnical if not provided by A/E, if asked to prepare materials normally responsibility of agency, changes after work is in construction, when deliqency, insolvancy or failure of contractor to perform work requiring extraordinary demands on A/E, when extra services are required as a result of unforseen conditions, when substantial completion is delayed beyond the contract completion date for more than 30 days, assistance in preforming contractor pre-qualification services, participation in value engineering. 
9A/E Reimbursable ExpensesCost of Fax, long distance phone calls, postage and similar expenses incurred by A/E in performance of work, Reproduction of documents for all phases of work at cost plus 10% unless resubmittal required and that is borne by A/E unless waived by Agency, Reproduction of Bid Documents plus 10% mark up if requested by Agency, Costs of reproduction for sending adenda to address BCOM comments, clarify or supplement bid documents and or correct errors/ommissions if to be borne by A/E, compensation for travel and living expenses associated with performance of work as lump sum - travel and living expenses must meet state per diem rates for lodging and substinance.   The agency typically will pay for BCOM review, subsequent review may require the A/E to reimburse the agency for BCOM costs.  
10Speciality ConsultantsSpecial design services as required by the project - such as: interior design, signage and graphics, food service, EIR, and etc.  IF these services are included within the A/E scope of services a 10% mark-up is allowed and would be included in the A/E additional services above. Design related services that may not be under the prime A/E contract - such as for Robinson we are doing some smaller backfill projects or early move projects that will require A/E services so they would be categorized here
11CM Design Phase ServicesPre-construction services shall include conducting a kick off meeting, Developing a Project CPM schedule updating monthly, conducting monthly (at a minimum) progress meetings to review scope, schedule and budget including reviewing any cost savings opportunities.  
12Subsurface InvestigationsGeotechnical consultant as required
13Land SurveyAerial or field survey services
14Archeologial SurveyIf required based on individual project site
15Hazmat Survey & DesignServices related to identification of Hazardous materials, specification for removal and monitoring during removal.
16Value Engineering ServicesVE Study is required on State Funded projects with value of greater than $5M.  40 hour VE study is required when required.  Value engineering services are not required for CM at Risk Projects with waiver from BCOM.
17Cost Estimating ServicesFor projects over $50K estimate is required - A/E is required to provide estimate at Schematic Design Phase, Preliminary Design Phase and at Working Drawing Phase.  Agency independent estimate is required at Preliminary Design Phase and optional at Schematic Design Phase and Working Drawing Phase.  
18Other Design Related ServicesA/E Change orders
19Design and Related Services TotalTotal = lines 7-18 above

22Project Inspection Services - In-house or ConsultantSalary of Project Inspector or Clerk of the Works - either in-house staff including fringes or consultant
23Project Testing Services (conc, steel, roofing, etc.)Costs related to any testing lab or special inspections
24Inspection & Testing Services TotalTotal - Lines 22-23 above

27Project Management (in-house or Consultant)Salary of Project Management Staff - either in house staff including fringes or consultant
28Work by OwnerCharges associated with Work Orders completed by Mason Facilities such as decomissioning building, backfill work, etc .  Project Office or Technology Charges in direct connection with project
29BCOM ServicesAHJ Costs charged by BCOM in connection with Project Site Visits and Required Reviews
30AdvertismentsCosts associated with posting ads for required RFP and RFQ processes
31Printing and ReproductionCosts associated with Printing or Reproduction not included in operating expenses and required specifically for the project execution - reproduction of bid sets specifications and etc not included in A/E or CM services or expenses.
32Moving & Relocation ExpensesCosts associated with moving people, or technology and equipment from existing buildings to vacate for renovations or demolition and also moves to new space when renovations or new construciton is completed.  
33Non-Built-in Data and Voice CommunicationsEquipment associated with Service Entrance Rooms, Floor Telecom, Security and AV rooms, Room AV equipment and desk top equipment. In addition - costs related to bringing primary service fiber duct bank to locations where service may not exist
34SignageCosts associated with fabrication and installation of graphics for branding, wayfinding, directional and room identification (may be inlcuded in general contractors budget). 
35DemolitionCost to remove structures or related site demolition (may be inlcuded in general contractors budget). 
36Hazardous Materials AbatementCost to remove identified hazardous materials (may be inlcuded in general contractors budget). 
37Utility Connection FeesCosts charged by utility companies to connect to the public utility system - such as Water, Sewer Charges, Dominion Primary Service charges, gas and etc
38Utility RelocationsCosts related to moving any utilities located within scope of project (may be inlcuded in general contractors budget). 
39ComissioningCosts related to design and construction phase commissiong services typically provided by a outside contract
40Miscellaneous other CostsAny other directly project related costs that are not covered in a specific category above - such as construction on smaller related projects required to complete the project but not undertaken by the prime A/E, CM or shops.  Office supplies or technology required for use specifically by the project, site visits required during design phase to make design related decisions.
41Project Management & Other Costs TotalTotal = Lines 27-40 above

43Furnishings & Moveable EquipmentFurniture, Fixtures and Equipment - all office, classroom and general building furnishings including moveable lab equipment - built in lab casework and other fixed equipment included in Construction or Building and Built In Equipment category.  
44Construction Contingency2% construction contingency allowed by BCOM for construction change orders. 
45TOTAL PROJECT COSTSTotal - Line 4+19+24+41+43+44