You can send documents in e-Builder directly to someone’s email, whether or not they are an e-Builder user. This will email the documents as attachments or links to download.

  • Within the Documents module of the project, navigate to the folder that contains the documents you’d like to send.
  • Select one or more files to be sent and click Send.

  • A separate window will pop-up.  Select whether you’d like to send the files as Attachments or as Links To Download.  Use the Links to Download option if the document(s) might exceed the size limit of the recipient's email.

  • Complete all required fields (*). Enter the email addresses of the individuals you’d like to send the documents to, and a subject line. You can also search for an e-Builder user’s email address using the Lookup feature.
  • Indicate if the file(s) are to be sent in its native forma or as a PDF.

Private File URL

You can also share a private file URL with another e-Builder user in order to work collaboratively on the same document, rather than emailing copies of the document.  This way multiple people can edit the source file and save their changes in e-Builder without creating multiple copies.

  • Click on Properties for the document you wish to share.

  • In Properties, copy the Private File URL from the bottom of the window and send it to the e-Builder user that you wish to share the document with. You can simply paste this URL into an email.  This link will direct them to the file’s location within the project. Note that the user will need the appropriate document access permissions to view these documents.