Be sure once you are connected to your home Wi-Fi, be sure to connect to the Cisco VPN, as fmgt to get thru the firewall to get your license file.


                Once you have created/logged-in to your MyESRI account, downloaded the software, ArcGIS Desktop, run the installation file.


                When you finish this step, you will need to get it authorized so:



In order for your end-user to stay aligned with the current 10.7 installed version they just need to change the product level at their ArcGIS Administrator on their machine.

Below are the workaround to change the product level in ArcGIS Administrator and connect to Server Machine

  1. Close all open ArcGIS Desktop applications (ArcMap or ArcCatalog).
  2. From the Start menu, select Programs or All Programs, then ArcGIS, and then ArcGIS Administrator. (Right Click, Select ‘Run as Administrator)
  3. In the left table of contents of the ArcGIS Administrator utility, click the Desktop folder.Image_2020-06-26_22-19-34.png
  4. In the right side of the ArcGIS Administrator utility, select the desired product level (Be sure to select ‘Advanced (ArcINFO Concurrent Use)
  5. Click on "Change" and insert the server machine name/IP address in the box below (License Manager - for concurrent use software Products) and click "OK" (Change the server name to: FACADM-IT2-SRVR – BE sure to use ALL CAPS, since the name is case sensitive)
  6. And Hit "Okay" on ArcGIS Administrator again.
  7. ArcMap is ready to go.

This will authorize your software for use!