When using the iPad, making a PDF can be quick and easy once you get the hang of it. However, there is a specific way to print said PDF that is different from using a normal computer. To do this, you will need your GMU email, and Staff ID.

Save a PDF from the Safari Browser:

  • Find a webpage that you would like to print, for instance, the George Mason Campus maps and directions page.
  • Find this icon to the right of the search bar (future updates may move this icon around).

  • After tapping this icon, find the "Markup" option in the menu, and select that.

  • Once in the Markup menu (you will know you're in it when you see the drawing tools at the bottom) make any edits you need, then select "done" in the top-left. Once you select it, hit "Save File To...." or "Delete" to quit, if you change your mind about saving that webpage. 

  • Now, that webpage is a PDF file. You can view this file in the "Files" app, which is built into your iPad by default. The app may be located somewhere else on your device. On this particular iPad, its in the bar at the bottom. Look for this icon then tap it. 

  • Once in the app, tap "Browse" once to see your files. You should see your PDF there. If you aren't seeing anything, tap "Browse" again, and you will see this menu. Make sure you select "On My iPad"

Print a PDF From Your iPad

  • Printing a PDF from a mobile device is different from a computer. To do this, you will need to use your GMU e-mail. We will be sending an e-mail to the Canon printer. First, open the Microsoft Outlook app, then open a new draft e-mail.

  • Next, attach your desired file(s) to the e-mail, like the PDFs made with the Markup tool from before. 

  • One your file is attached, it should look similar to the image below. Your file will have a different name, since it is a PDF.

  • Finally, we are going to send this e-mail to the Canon printer. Type mobileprint@gmu.edu into the address bar. This way, it'll be sent to the printer.

Once the e-mail is sent, you will be able to swipe your ID on the Canon printers and see your file ready to print. 

If you run into further issues, first consult this link from GMU Print and Mail services. https://printandmail.gmu.edu/print/  

If problems continue to persist, please contact fits@gmu.edu or call (703)-993-2590.