The calendar for Outlook has problems syncing to mobile devices. Sometimes, the default calendar app has problems syncing meetings/events from Office 365 Outlook to a phone, or someone else's meetings showing up on the phone's Outlook calendar. This usually happens when a GMU email is added to the default Apple/Android mail app. To fix this, the best option is to install the Outlook app and use that instead. 


  1. Install the Outlook e-mail app from the the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  2. After installation is completed, add their GMU account. Log in through the GMU web portal.
  3. Go under the Calendars tab in the bottom-right to see their shared calendar and events. 

After this, you should be able to tap the icon on the top-left of your screen and see the following menu attached below.

You can add/remove people from the shared calendars with the check boxes. You can also tap any of the cog wheels to edit the color, or add more events/meetings to your calendar. This is categorized by user, so if you add "John Smith" to your calendar, you will see all of "John Smith's" events and meetings.