The ITS Contractor Information Sheet must be completed by the contractor, and yourself. This process can't be expediated or rushed. Once the paperwork has been completed it takes time for all parties to electronically approve the request. Once all approvals have been made, the systems that grant access are automated and take an overnight process.


Section 1 - Name, Address, DOB, Gender, Citizenship, Signature and Date are required fields of the form.


Mason Sponsor

Section 2 - ORG#, Start Date, anticipated End Date, signature and date. 

Please provide a brief explanation of the work to be done by this contractor and the point of contact at Mason. 


To obtain Mason credentials, an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) must be entered into Banner by Facilities HR for each individual needing credentials.

Their is no notification (to anybody) when all of these steps have been completed and the account is ready to use. Once Facilities approves the request completely, it will take 24-48 hours for the account to be created and access granted.

Mason Contractor Access - How to setup Password and 2FA (two factor)