1. Open the Work Order
  2. Go to Transactions Section and Click New Issue Transaction


3. Type = Mechanical

4. Item Number = type in “PRT” and click Binoculars/Search

  1. All Housing inventory starts with PRT. You can also enter in the full part number if you know that.

5. Select the Item you want to use

6. Click in the Pool drop-down and select the inventory location you used.

7. Trns Date, will default to today’s date, adjust if needed

8. Qty – enter in the qty used for this location.  If you use different locations, then you would need to enter a new transaction.

9. Notes – add any notes needed

10. Click Submit

11. The Last 5 Inventory Issue Transactions will show.

12. To Exit, click Back to WOD in the top right corner.