All Facilities iPads should have the BeyondTrust Support app (formerly Bomgar). If the user doesn't have the application downloaded, they need to download it from the Self Service application (present on all managed Facilities iPads.)

With an iPad, you can only view the screen and do not have any remote control, unlike on a desktop.

You initiate a remote support session for an iPad the same way you do for a desktop.

Open the BeyondTrust Remote Support application on your desktop and click Start to start a new remote support session. 

The user will need to open the BeyondTrust application on their iPad. The app will prompt the user for the Site Address ( and Session Key, which is a seven-digit code generated by BeyondTrust when you start the session.

Once the user has entered both of these fields, the session will show up in your queue. Accept the session.

Request remote access to the user's device. They will need to accept your remote access. The user will then need to broadcast their screen, via the red bulls-eye icon in the upper-left corner. If the user accepts your request for access but doesn't broadcast their screen, you will lose visibility of their screen when they navigate away from the BeyondTrust app.