If a user has forgotten the passcode to their iPad (6 digit numeric), there are two options:

1. If the iPad is connected to a WiFi network, you can wipe the passcode remotely using Jamf.

In Jamf, click on Devices > Search > Enter the iPad name (e.g. D 32881) or the user's name > Select the device > Management > Clear Passcode.

2. If the iPad is not connected to a WiFi network, you have to wipe and restore the device and set it up as a new device.


- Plug the iPad into a MacBook. Open Apple Configurator 2

- Put the iPad into Recovery Mode by pressing and holding the home button and the power button simultaneously for several seconds (~20 seconds). 

- The iPad should appear in Configurator. Click on the icon for the iPad within Configurator and select Update from the menu above. Select Restore

- The restore should take several minutes.