For the contractors to set-up their password, go to

Select “I know my G number and Claim Code.

They will be asked to enter your G number and claim code. Please enter your G number (including a capital G), and your claim code is your date of birth in a six digit format (mmddyy) [ex. January 1st 1989, 010189].

From there, you will be asked to answer security questions, set an alternative email address and create your GMU password. Your password must be 10 to 30 digits, include an uppercase and lower case, and either a number or a special character.

To log into your email, go to and enter your netID and password. Or you can set up Outlook on your computer. Heads-up: Outlook email might not be ready immediately, but should be available in the next couple of days. Microsoft does an account uploads every 3 days.

You will also need to set up 2 factor authentication. Please visit  for more information and step by step directions.