Tablet Usage Policy

It is the policy of George Mason University to provide tablet devices to Mason Facilities staff. Those in receipt of tablets must adhere to Mason’s Responsible Use of Computing policy and these procedures to ensure their appropriate usage.


Responsible Use of Computing

All users will familiarize themselves with the George Mason University’s Responsible Use of Computing policy at


Acceptable Use

Mason-issued tablets shall not be used to send or download any vulgar, discriminatory, or pornographic content. Users shall refrain from making any false or defamatory statements in any form or committing any other acts that could expose the University to liability. All of Mason’s computer systems, including the tablet, are considered public property. The tablet, Internet usage, and emails will be traceable to Mason, and inappropriate use can impact the reputation of Mason and the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Software on the Tablet 

A user may download and maintain music and applications on their tablet. However, the items downloaded and synced to the tablet must comply with federal copyright laws and Mason’s policies and shall be acquired at the expense of the user.

If it becomes necessary to restore a tablet to its original condition, Mason will not be responsible for the loss of any software or data deleted due to a factory restore.


Loss and/or Damage of Tablet

It is the responsibility of the user to ensure the tablet is kept in a reasonable and safe condition. Should a tablet be accidentally lost, damaged, or stolen it will be repaired or replaced according to the following:

  • FM will pay the total number of occurrences multiplied by the cost of repair/replacement. For examplethe second lost tablet would be two times the replacement costs; the third repair would be three times the repair costs, etc.
  •  (N x R=total) where N is number of times and R is repair/replacement costs.

Before any tablet can be replaced, the damaged tablet must be returned. If the tablet was lost, a detailed explanation must be provided.

Tablets that are damaged or destroyed through intentional, reckless or negligent misuse will be subject to disciplinary action.

Security of the Tablet 

The increased flexibility and portability of a tablet means there are also more opportunities for data to be stolen, lost, or inadvertently exposed. Individual users shall exercise precautions handling, storing, and securing tablets. Tablets should not be left unattended in unsecured locations under any circumstances.

  • A password/PIN must be used.
  • Theft Tracking Software must be used, and you must know your user ID/password for these systems.
  • Apple uses Find My iPad; this requires an Apple ID.
  • Amazon uses Find Your Tablet; this requires an Amazon ID.

Return of the Tablet

Upon separation from the University, the user shall immediately turn in their tablet and all Mason-provided peripherals to their supervisor or appropriate designee. It is the user's responsibility to archive and save any files needed before returning the tablet to the University. The device will be factory restored, and ALL data will be erased upon return.